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Hamilton is at a turning point and the choices we make over the next four years will impact generations to come. This is an exciting time for our city with a renewed sense of hope and optimism about getting things done. How we go about it matters. And a robust resident engagement process will be key to ensure appropriate solutions for all.

It has been my honour to serve as your Ward 3 City Councillor since 2018. I have worked hard to earn your trust, lead with compassion, and am proud to have delivered results to improve the quality of life in every neighbourhood in Ward 3, while also tackling complex issues citywide.

Based on priorities I have heard from our neighbours, here is my plan for the next 4 years as your Ward 3 City Councillor.

This past term of Council, we made Hamilton officially a Vision Zero city that aims to achieve zero deaths and zero critical injuries due to collisions on our roads. We are also a Complete Streets city, which means all future roadway construction, new and old, will be designed for safety and community living in mind. To bring this to life in Ward 3, I will:

  • Invest in the 128+ safety measures identified in the Ward 3 Complete Streets report. These are the most comprehensive traffic safety measures to be applied across every neighbourhood in the ward - ever.
  • Ensure the two-way Main St conversion is successfully completed delivering the safer, more liveable neighbourhoods we all deserve.
  • Fix the roads by allocating funds annually towards roadway rehabilitation. It is important to do this right and based on new asset management criteria so every neighborhood benefits from the investment.
  • Update the Ottawa Street Master Plan to deliver a redesigned street that better suits this vibrant social and commercial corridor.

Hamilton has become one of the most expensive cities to rent and buy in North America. This is unsustainable and pushes our neighbours out. Cities have no option but to be at the forefront with solutions to foster belonging instead of displacement. I will:

  • Set a bold 30% target of Inclusionary Zoning along the LRT corridor to ensure a mix of truly affordable housing in every private development project near the station stops.
  • Encourage gentle infill development across the city, not only in Ward 3, by ending exclusionary zoning to enable missing middle housing options in areas that have previously been exclusively single-family homes.
  • Work with the Hamilton is Home coalition partners to establish an Affordable Housing Purchase Program that directs income generated from the sale of surplus units to go towards new affordable housing builds across the city.
  • Direct the annual projected revenue of $3.3M from the new Vacant Homes Tax and the proceeds from the sale of surplus city lands to invest exclusively in delivering new affordable homes.
  • Expand rental licensing across the city and ensure the new suite of anti-renoviction by-laws are enforced.
  • Deliver a comprehensive plan to address housing and health needs of those living unhoused across Hamilton.


Tending to the day to day interactions residents have with Council, the public realm and City services, is core to governing municipally. Along with an experienced Ward 3 Office team serving residents with excellence, I will:

  • Continue to uphold the integrity of public office, openly share information to strengthen trust and confidence.
  • Establish a Ward 3 Community Council so every neighbourhood has a complete communication loop with my office to collaborate and address local issues.
  • Establish a 311 city service system that is responsive to resident inquires received by phone, email, social media and a mobile reporting app to address common and prevalent issues like bylaw enforcement, illegal dumping, street sweeping, parking violations, vehicles blocking cycling tracks, overgrown weeds on public right of ways, and other services residents deserve excellence in.
  • Expand the Ward 3 Waste & Recycling Receptacles Pilot beyond Ottawa Street and Barton Village to reduce the waste strewn about in our alleys, sidewalks, railways, and other public spaces in Ward 3
  • Continue to invest in depave projects that enhance biodiversity in our neighbourhoods while also beautifying City-owned right-of-ways, boulevards and medians.

Investing in transit, safe cycling infrastructure and safe walkability ensures better neighbourhoods everyone is proud to come home to. Quality transit and active transportation options are also key for a thriving local economy. In order to ensure Hamilton advances great transit options, I will:

  • End the Area-Rated Transit funding formula to expand public transit access across the city and prioritize building out the remainder of the BLAST network.
  • Ensure Ward 3 businesses and residents have clear and timely information about the LRT construction phases and maximize community benefits along the corridor.
  • Expand connectivity of our cycling infrastructure to enable more people to get to where they need to go using a bike.

In Hamilton, we have a multi-billion dollar infrastructure deficit. It has led to decaying roads, not enough block funding to invest in our parks, and has left us in a patch-work pattern dealing with water main breaks. That’s why freezing the urban boundary is so critical - to stop ongoing financial and operating liabilities. I will:

  • Push for a strategic investment plan to address the backlog of maintenance and reconstruction in need of attention, based on a robust asset management framework.
  • Ensure our upcoming road reconstruction projects on Wilson and Barton enhance community life on our streets.
  • Ensure the Powell Park reconstruction and new Brightside Park construction deliver excellence in design and recreation. Continue to engage neighbours in redesigning every playground structure and splash pad that reaches its end of life across Ward 3 parks.
  • Ensure a climate lens is applied to all infrastructure projects and integrate a community benefits protocol for large capital works that secure local jobs.

Having healthy communities across Ward 3 means ending the inequity of experiences our residents face, like having air quality that matches other parts of the city and having access to necessary healthcare services to protect basic and complex needs. It also means we are prepared to address real climate and health crises. I will:

  • Ensure there is an opportunity for residents to provide input on our COVID-19 pandemic response efforts so that we can improve our public health and municipal services should we need to face another pandemic together.
  • Expand on the 7 new drinking water fountains I had installed in Ward 3 so that there is one in each park.
  • Protect tenants facing dangerous heat levels in their homes during heat waves by adding new by-laws to ensure units are cooled. In the meantime, I will work with community partners to establish a fan share program locally to support seniors and vulnerable tenants.
  • Put in place a procedure to protect mature trees in redevelopment projects and set an annual target for tree planting in Ward 3 to meet the 30% Urban Canopy coverage goal.
  • Work to transform the industrial areas of the ward by pushing for climate excellence, including in the re-development of the former Stelco lands.
  • Ensure the City’s Climate Office proactively integrates a climate equity approach and reports on outcomes annually.

And as I did in my first term, I commit to circulating an annual Community Impact Report to every mailbox in Ward 3 that documents what we have accomplished.

I will also continue the Coffee With Your Councillor forum in a hybrid model rotating to different in-person locations across the ward and provide a virtual option to share updates and listen to your input.

I look forward to discussing this platform with you over the coming weeks. And I hope to count on your support and have the honour of serving as your Ward 3 City Councillor for another term.

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